Virtue Money have a mascot in the form of a piggy bank, Virtue Pig.

Virtue Pig’s job is to provide education to local school children, teachers and care takers regarding finance and personal saving. For people to really be financially capable, people first need to understand the basics of money management as well as understanding the principles of financial products (i.e. ISA’s, TAX and pensions).

At Virtue, we know the best way to do this is though education and younger people. Therefore, we have been working closely with local primary and secondary schools and with DYW West Lothian to visit and present to the pupils, staff and families to promote finance awareness.




What topics we cover at schools

If you would like to get in touch regarding school visits – including career evenings, please contact us at the fill out form featured at the bottom of the screen.


Introduction to what money is

How to save for special occasions

Long-time savings and short-time savings

Numbers in timetables and everyday life

Earning money



Types of finance Companies

Job opportunities in Finance Sector

What is an IFA

Earnings & Taxation



Loans & Borrowing money


Financial Protection

Retirement planning & Pensions


Community Work Home

Contact us

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