Virtue on Demand are our standalone services.

These are services we provide to you for a one-off lump sum payment that you will receive financial advice on from one of our qualified Financial Advisers.

At Virtue Money, we offer two services under Virtue on Demand;

Cashflow Planning

Transactional Advice

Cashflow Planning

We input detailed information supplied by you into our software system and can build in various “what if” scenarios; like what if the children go to university, what if we pay off the mortgage early, what if we want to go on that once in a lifetime holiday, to identify a course of action needed to ensure that your financial future isn’t just pie in the sky.

Cashflow planning helps you shine a light on your goals and objectives and gives you a clear understanding of your finances, to give you a brighter future and help you understand ‘How much’. Essentially, it’s about helping you get to enjoy the best life possible with the money you have. This service is a one-off service allowing you to be sent out your cashflow plan and is paid as a fixed lump sum. After receiving your cashflow plan, you will not be given any further financial advice.


Transactional Advice

This service allows you to make a one-off purchase of a financial product that is available on the market. Most commonly this would be something such as a one-off investment such as a bond, for example.

One of our advisers will help you make the right decision for what you are looking for, giving you one off advice before you make a final decision on your purchase. This service is ideal for someone who believes they have complete control over their financial planning.

If you require regular updates of your financial products and wish to have continued financial advice however, we recommend you upgrade your plan to one of our ongoing services.

What to Expect when meeting a Financial Adviser


When you considering receiving financial advice it may seem like a complicated and stressful task. However, Virtue Money ensures to make the process smooth and as easy for you as possible.

We have created a step-by-step guide to help explain to you what to expect during your first meeting with one of our advisers as well as some tips for you to consider.

Our Advice Process Home

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