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Under this service we will bring all of your financial arrangements together and you will be given 24/7 access to view these online. An annual valuation report will be sent to you.


Virtue Lite is our entry level service. The Virtue lite account enables you to consolidate the investments and insurances you hold with us in one place. Once a year we will send you a report confirming the values and other details of the products within your Lite account. Plus, your Lite account can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Virtue Lite is an administration-only service. No advice is provided as to the suitability of the plans or investments you hold. On that basis, a Lite account is ideal if you believe you are in complete control of your financial planning. Otherwise we recommend that you upgrade to either our Demand or Deluxe service.


A Typical Customer is……

Looking to protect their families/lifestyles from an unpredictable future…




Everything in one place

Budgeting software

Track how you are spending your money and where you can afford to make cuts.

Collated accounts

See all your financial affairs linked up in one safe place; everything from your bank and credit card statements to your insurance, investment and pension arrangements.

Automatic updates

Know exactly where you stand with account values updated on a weekly basis.

Frequently asked questions

  • What products do you provide advice on?
    We advise our clients on a wide range of  pensions, investments and protection policies. That means we are ‘whole of market’, independent and up to date on a wide range of products.
  • Is there a minimum investment?
    There is no minimum investment. With Virtue Money you decide how much you wish to invest and then our dedicated adviser will look into the best option for you.
  • How much will it cost?
    Our initial meeting with you will always be free of charge. We will discuss any fees with you at this point depending on the level of service required.
  • How often will I hear from you?
    We are committed to giving you a personal service that suits you. We will agree with you how often you require an update on your financial position and, in addition to this. We will only send information that is completely relevant to you. If you require anything else then you can give us a call. We are always happy to help!
  • Will you liaise with my accountant?
    With your written permission we are happy to deal with any related parties including tax advisers, accountants or even family members.
  • Will you meet with me outside business hours?
    Virtue Money are happy to meet with you whenever suits best.