Our Advice Process

To provide advice of the highest quality, we follow a five-stage process….

1. Initial Discussion


At this first meeting (Free of Charge), a qualified financial adviser will ascertain what kind of advice you need and learn your views about money and investing. The adviser will outline the solutions we can offer you, explain how the financial planning process works and tell you what the costs of our advice will be if you decide to proceed.


2. Gather Information 


This is the stage where you tell us in detail about your existing financial arrangements, if any. By combining that knowledge with your views on saving and investment and your financial circumstances, we can develop your investment risk profile. If appropriate, we will also undertake a cash flow analysis at this point. 


3. Create a Plan 


Having established your risk profile, we can develop an investment strategy for you. Our aim is to spread your money over a range of different asset classes such as equities, fixed interest, property and cash. How much of your capital is allocated to each asset class and in which  investments products is itemised in a written report.


4. Implementation 


Once we have your agreement to proceed, we will set up and administer your investment and/or policies. At least once a year, you will receive an update on their value and any other changes. 


5. Schedule of Ongoing Reviews (Deluxe Service)


By arranging a program of review meetings in-line with your servicing level, we can keep abreast of your current financial circumstances and any related developments in your life. Following each review and only where necessary, we may recommend changes to your plans to help ensure that your portfolio stays on track to meet your goals.