Virtue Money offer on-going services.


These are the services we can offer you for an ongoing annual fee. These services entitle you to a personal, fully qualified financial adviser. We believe that it is vital to ensure that you review your financial stance regularly. With our agreement with yourself, your adviser will be able to advise you on all your financial requirements.

At Virtue Money, we offer three services under our on-going services

Service Option 1 – Virtue Lite

Virtue Lite is our ongoing administration service. This service is paid through an annual fee and most suitable for those who seek financial advice but feel as though they are content with not having an ongoing assessment of suitability on their original advice. This service includes access to a personal financial adviser that you can contact when you require advice about your financial stance via phone, Skype and email. You will also receive an annual postal review of your portfolio, showing you your funds under management. 

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Service Option 2 – Virtue Deluxe

Virtue Deluxe is our most popular service. This service provides you with your own financial adviser, who will make annual meetings with you to review your plan. Your plan will automatically be reviewed daily, meaning if your investments should ever be affected by legislation or changes in the market place, you can find comfort of knowing that your adviser will be on top of the situation and able to advise you accordingly. We will also provide you with annual portfolio reviews, which will be sent directly to your home address. Furthermore, you will have access to contact your adviser via phone, Skype and email should you have any questions or queries. 

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Service Option 3 – Virtue Bespoke

Under our Bespoke service, we provide all the same services as our Virtue Deluxe service, however we provide a more regulated service. The difference with this service is that we provide you with biannual portfolio reports instead of annually. Meaning you have a far more regular update of your financial plan. We also provide you with Cashflow planning with this service, allowing you to clearly see your financial plan all mapped out. We do this by inputting detailed information supplied by you into our software system and can build in various “what if” scenarios; like what if the children go to university, what if we pay off the mortgage early, what if we want to go on that once in a lifetime holiday, to identify a course of action needed to ensure that your financial future is structured to cater to you.

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What to Expect when meeting a Financial Adviser


When you considering receiving financial advice it may seem like a complicated and stressful task. However, Virtue Money ensures to make the process smooth and as easy for you as possible.

We have created a step-by-step guide to help explain to you what to expect during your first meeting with one of our advisers as well as some tips for you to consider.

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