04 Dec Financial Advice – What’s the cost?

There will be times in your life when you need to think about different financial products to suit different financial situations. That’s where an Independent Financial Adviser firm like Virtue Money comes in.  We can guide you through the process and give you advice to help you make the right decision about the most suitable product(s) for your situation. As Virtue Money is an independent adviser we can advise on and sell products from any provider right across the market.  This means that we’re not restricted to certain products and …

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27 Nov Pensions and the Younger Generations

If you are in your late 40’s to 50’s there is a good chance that you have worked for a Company that operated a Defined Benefit Scheme sometimes also known as a Final Salary Scheme. Defined pension schemes pay their members a secure income for life which increases each year. The pension income, if you are lucky to be a member of one of these types of schemes, is normally based on your pensionable service (the number of years you’ve been a member of the scheme), pensionable earnings (this may …

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20 Nov Protecting Your Loved Ones

  It’s a subject that no-one likes to think about let alone discuss but what provision do you have in place for your family in the event of your death? A life insurance policy is an insurance contract. In exchange for regular premiums, the contract offers to pay an agreed lump sum of money on joint life policies if one of the lives covered dies during the term of the policy. Generally, the younger and healthier you are the cheaper this type of insurance is and when your family is …

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24 May We can help you plan your retirement, free of charge

Join us for our Pre-Retirement Seminar We understand that retirement planning is an extensive task, which is why Virtue Money has been working together with a number of specialists to offer that service to you, all in one place. What we provide Our Pre-Retirement Seminar provides you with an opportunity to hear from and speak to: Financial Advisers A local Solicitor A Tax Specialist Retirees sharing their own experiences. Our seminar will offer the support and expert guidance you need to help you make informed choices about your future. Book …

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14 Jul Brexit – Guide to how it could affect your finances

  Welcome to our Guide to how Brexit could affect your finances. The UK’s exit from the European Union after 43 years is now set to happen. The vote by a majority of British people to leave the European Union on Thursday 23 June represents a very significant decision for the UK, for the European Union and indeed for the wider global economy. The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%.   Click here for full document

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30 Jun Surviving a Critical Illness

More people could face financial hardship despite medical advances Most homebuyers purchase life assurance when they arrange a mortgage, but only a minority obtain another form of financial protection that they are five times more likely to need before they reach retirement. Although we’re four times more likely to claim on a critical illness policy than a life insurance policy before the age of 65[1], fewer than one in ten (8%) of us have critical illness insurance, and only a third (33%) have life cover, according to Scottish Widows[2]. Common …

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27 Jun Devil in the Detail

Taking stock of Budget 2016 The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered his eighth Budget speech on Wednesday 16 March, his third in 12 months. Now that we’ve had time to take stock of the key announcements, we consider how they could impact your finances both today and in future years. The Personal Allowance will increase to £11,500, and the higher-rate threshold will rise to £45,000 in April 2017 The Personal Allowance is the amount of income you can receive before you start paying Income Tax. This increased to …

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23 Jun Stamp Duty Rule Changes

What could the shake-up mean for you? A shake-up of the stamp duty rules took effect on 1 April 2016 in relation to anyone owning more than one residential property – this will affect those buyers funding the purchase of a new home with the sale of an existing home: if their buyer pulls out but they still want to go ahead – perhaps by using a bridging loan – they will be liable for the stamp duty surcharge because they will technically own two residential properties at completion. Stamp …

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22 Jun Brexit

Impact on financial markets ahead of the EU referendum With an increasing focus on ‘Brexit’, our investment clients will naturally be monitoring the impact on financial markets ahead of the referendum scheduled for Thursday 23 June. The nature of investment is long term. Constantly making changes to take into account short-term events often proves to be counterproductive in the long term. Movements in currencies and shares are often fairly short-lived, as the result of the Scottish referendum showed. Analysis, predictions and arguments In the run up to 23 June, we …

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20 Jun Hello LISA

Harnessing the simplicity and popularity of the ISA wrapper The introduction of the new Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA) next year is aimed at helping young people save flexibly for the long term throughout their lives, and simultaneously enabling them to save for a first home and for their retirement without having to choose one over the other. Simplicity and popularity LISA is designed to work in conjunction with existing ISA products and be simple for savers to use by harnessing the simplicity and popularity of the ISA wrapper where contributions …

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