How to Plan Your Financial Future

There is no crystal ball to tell you what your financial future will look like however with a bit a plan there is a way to give you a clearer picture of what retirement can look like for you. 


At Virtue Money we believe that Cash Flow Modelling is an excellent way to start planning your retirement and help with your lifetime cash flow.   


We input detailed information supplied by you into our software system and can build in various “what if” scenario’s like what if the children go to university, what if we pay off the mortgage early, what if we want to go on that once in a lifetime holiday to identify a course of action needed to ensure that your financial future isn’t just pie in the sky. 


The initial information gathering can seem a fairly lengthy process but what you have to remember is the more detail we can input then the more accurate your Cash Flow forecast will be. Once we have input the data for the first time, it is then a relatively simple process to keep those details up to date. Remember, this isn’t a one-off exercise, it’s a living document that should be regularly reviewed to ensure that it continually reflects your ever-changing situation. 


We factor in things that perhaps you wouldn’t necessarily think about – the effects of inflation and the growth rate of your investments as well as lifestyle changes like increasing or decreasing your working hours, getting a better paid job or a large bonus. 


If you would like to find out more about Cash Flow Planning, please contact me, Susan Ralston, directly on 0345 034 3424 or email me at  and I will be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our advisers who will talk you through the process and the costs involved. 


There is a lot of truth in the Benjamin Franklin quote “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – have a clear idea of your financial journey and the changes you might make today to ensure a brighter future tomorrow. 


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