Transparency from the start

Introductory discussion

Settle down at a complimentary meeting with your relationship manager. They will learn your views about money and start to tailor a package that works for you.

Gather information

This is when we get to know you better! We look at your current financial arrangements, undertake a cash flow analysis, understand your attitude to risk and learn about your future aspirations.

Create a plan

Having established your risk profile, you will be introduced to the right Financial Adviser. They will develop an investment strategy that is unique to you.

Up and running

With your agreement, we will carefully monitor your investments and policies. At least once a year you will receive an update on their value and any key changes.

Ongoing review (Virtue Deluxe Service)

We want to keep up to date with you too. Our annual review meetings with you are a chance to do this. Afterwards we may decide to adjust your portfolio to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.